Zia Bike & Board Shop

At Zia Bike & Board Shop, we strive to satisfy and deliver excellent service to each customer in Carlsbad, NM. When clients have issues with their bicycles, our mechanic will make an assessment and provide a solution. Besides Bike and boards, we also sell helmets, tires, and a variety of other equipment.

Robbie Franco, the business’s owner and avid cyclist, oversees operations and occasionally helps customers on the sales floor. Store manager Priscilla Sweet is the store manager. She handles sales and inventory. The mechanic is Logan Sweet. He is in charge of servicing and fixing all bikes. He can often be seen offering suggestions and giving advice to customers on the shop floor. 

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"This store was wonderful with such a nice aesthetic! The staff were very polite with it being so close to closing time. They helped me find a bike I was comfortable on and the needed extras like a helmet and trailer for the little one. I definitely recommend this shop to anyone. They are currently servicing my husband racing bike and mountain bike."
Kaitlin P